Zidd Hai - Lyrical Video

Life is never easy for anyone. Hurdles will come now and then. We might fall, we might lose, and there would be days of agony and despair. But the important thing is how quickly we stand up on our feet and move on. It is all about keeping that ray of hope alive. If we succeed in doing that, nothing can beat us. "Zidd Hai" asks us to be stubborn about the journey and gives us the confidence to make it happen.

This song relates to the very philosophy of never backing down in life which this song runs on. It would get everyone feel this song to the core. It has that universal generic appeal that would attract all the ears and inspire them to reach new heights.

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  • Produced by

    Bharati Mahapatra of Xqbic Ventures

  • Music by

    Aabhinav Meher

  • Voice by

    Shruti Sharma

  • Lyrics by

    Puneet Gururani

  • Guitars by

    Saachi Mendon

  • Flute by

    Easwaran Vivek Anantram

  • Backing vocals by

    Anurag.A.Naik and Bhairavi Patil

  • Additional Programming by

    Denish Shukla

  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer by

    Rahul Agrawat

  • Recorded by

    Aabhinav Meher & Denish Shukla at DBOUT MUSIC, Navi Mumbai

  • Music Production Studio

    DBOUT MUSIC, Navi Mumbai

  • Lyrical video and album art

    Anish Menon, Rishi Gohil & Chinmay Nayak at 24 Studio, Navi Mumbai

  • Creative Writers

    Arjun K M, Manish Srivastava

  • Music distribution

    Nikhil Sharma, GenRock