About us

Founded in 2018 by Bharati Mahapatra, Xqbic Entertainment is a fully integrated studio that will be producing some of the most definitive and prominent works in modern Indian cinema. Xqbic has consistently pushed boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and engaging audiences worldwide through a vast variety of different platforms. Our mission is and will always be to deliver world-class, ground-breaking stories through quality, innovation, and detail that touch lives across the globe.”Xqbic offers fresh, original and exclusive stories. Tailored especially for Indians across the globe, the platform hosts premium, high quality content featuring popular celebrities, acclaimed writers, and award winning directors, making xqbic a true alternative to mainstream entertainment.Xqbic Productions and Entertainment, a subsidiary of Xqbic ventures, is the Group’s foray into the Digital Entertainment space. Xqbic Productins aims to reach out directly to individual audiences, by providing them with original, exclusive and tailor-made shows and web series that they can access at their fingertips. With stories from different worlds, in genres ranging from thrillers, mystery and crime to drama, comedy and romance; Xqbic Productions has shows for everyone, from college going youngsters to professionals with families. Xqbic will host shows in various languages, catering to our regional language speakers, both in India and abroad.

Bharati Mahapatra