Zidd Hai - Full Video

"Zidd hai" being the glimmer of hope amidst the worldly chaos and deafening silence of once used-to-be supporters, for the one who goes through persistent struggle against scathing criticism and constant nitpicking this world hurls at you. What one really needs is throwing off the shackles of this society that it invariably tries to confine you in and muster up all the courage to fly with those eager but caged wings. To keep believing in yourself needs perseverance, determination and at times introspection to keep riding the waves towards your goals. Standing up again and rising above every time life knocks you down requires utmost willpower and composure, setting you apart and taking you far from all the detractors.

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Cast & Crew

  • Produced by

    Bharati Mahapatra of Xqbic Ventures

  • Director & DOP

    Suresh Beesaveni

  • Assistant Director

    Kanchan Rishi

  • Executive Director

    Sangeet Gaikar

  • Cast

    Arshia Goswami, Ajay Singh Rawat, Skyrah Sharma, Shruti Sharma, Ajit Kumar, Kuldeep Kaur

  • Music Composer

    Aabhinav Meher

  • Singer

    Shruti Sharma

  • Music Producer

    Aabhinav Meher

  • Lyricist

    Puneet Gururani

  • Guitarist

    Saachi Mendon

  • Flautist

    Easwaran Vivek Anantram

  • Backing vocalists

    Anurag Naik, Bhairavi Patil

  • Additional Programming

    Denish Shukla

  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer

    Rahul Agrawat

  • Recorded by

    Aabhinav Meher & Denish Shukla at DBOUT MUSIC, Navi Mumbai

  • Music Production Studio

    DBOUT MUSIC, Navi Mumbai

  • Lyrical video and album art

    Anish Menon, Rishi Gohil & Chinmay Nayak at 24 Studio, Navi Mumbai

  • Music distribution

    Nikhil Sharma, GenRock

  • Music distribution

    Nikhil Sharma, GenRock