Emerging Women Entrepreneur 2021 - Bharati Mahapatra | Production & Entertainment Category

  • ByXqbic
  • DateMarch 8, 2021

Emerging women entrepreneur -2021

Business Mint organized the Nation wide women excellence awards 2021. It is India's biggest privately organized awards with 500 categories and 1000 organizations from over 100 cities. Bharati Mahapatra, the owner of Xqbic productions, won the 'Emerging women entrepreneur -2021' award in the production & entertainment category for her entrepreneurship work as an emerging producer at the Xqbic productions, Xqbic Ventures Pvt Ltd. It is exemplary how well she has done as an entrepreneur.

She is a good role model for women in our society today. Her work and success show us all it's possible to manage both work and family and succeed at both. Many women capable of being entrepreneurs hold back from launching their start-ups due to various challenges and obstacles they'll face. Bharati has presented them with an opportunity to believe in themselves and work opportunities for many young people. Entrepreneurship is all about being brave enough to take a risk and start a new business while creating opportunities for others. An employee works hard for his own success while an entrepreneur works for the success of their society. She started this production house to follow her passion and make a difference. Her vision is to produce Short films and web series that highlight family values and create social awareness. This is a time of change for our nation, our society; women entrepreneurs like her are an asset to the community.

Bharati feels grateful for everything she has achieved. As there are girls who cannot even acquire primary education and are still married before they can explore their inner calling; in a world like this being able to follow her passion and empower herself and others is a huge deal.