• ByXqbic
  • DateMarch 16, 2021

'Love and care - The feelings' a short film by Xqbic productions has won an award and made them proud for the second time in two months. The short film received an 'Award of Recognition: Film Short' at the Accolade Global Film Competition in the short films category.

The previous Accolade awardees have won Oscar and Emmys; it is very honorable to be recognized by a platform with such talented participants.

'Love and care- The feelings' is the first film produced by Bharati Mahapatra and made by the talented team of Xqbic productions. The filmmaking took about four months; From coming up with the concept to finding the right way of telling the story and finally executing all the planning into a beautiful and heartwarming short film.

On a regular day of our life, we come across many people, some underprivileged and some more successful than us. As adults, we are so absorbed by the chaos of our lives that a lot of important things just pass unnoticed. But unlike us, a child who is free of responsibilities and receives a lot of love and care knows the beauty of it; knows to extend the courtesy to those in need of it. So a simple act of kindness by the small boy changes the perspective of the elders around him. His way of doing so might be a little naive. But his intention is caring and pure. It urges us to take a moment from our routines and think about the care everyone needs, especially in the covid-19 world. The production house delivered on their motto of making films that inspire positive change via their work. They plan to make many more films on social issues and the importance of humanity.