We offer Yoga programs for all age groups and
in different cities.

We offer Yoga programs for all age groups and in different cities. We also conduct teacher training courses throughout the year. Our qualified and trained yoga instructors are rich in experience to conduct holistic, focused and spiritually oriented yoga sessions.


Corporate Yoga programs

When it comes to arranging yoga programs for your employees, we carry out the best mode of health and wellness sessions at the corporate level. Give your staff an opportunity to step away from their work station and get some freshness in their stressful day.

Offering from variety of types such as traditional yoga to power yoga, back and joint pain-relieving sessions. Ranging from an hourly program or monthly, we help improve the work efficiency of the employees at your office. We provide yoga blocks to help support your staff in learning new methods.


Traditional Yoga / Power Yoga / Fitness

We all know that Yoga is one of the powerful and the best mode of relieving stress. Traditional yoga helps in pain relieving of muscles, boosts energy levels and circulation, etc. whereas power yoga is a form on intense workout which makes you sweat. It majorly focuses on weight loss, improving cardio endurance, building up stamina and more along with the benefits included in traditional yoga such as stress relief, depression, and anxiety, etc.

We also carry out Zumba fitness programs which involve dancing and aerobic movements to dynamic music.


Pregnancy Therapy

We have specialized yoga teachers who expertise in the teaching of yoga for pregnancy and birth preparation. The therapy offers a variety of sessions such as prenatal yoga, postpartum yoga and more. There are huge benefits of this therapy which helps in to prevent pregnancy complications, it promotes natural delivery (Healthy mother and child), increase labour pain tolerance, etc.


Nutrition counselling

It’s a type of assessment which is made to analyse health needs in terms of diet and exercise. Nutrition is also an important part of healthy living. Many people nowadays do not have a proper diet plan and become prone to different diseases. Our nutrition specialist helps you find out the right diet plan for a healthy lifestyle. We offer diet plans for weight loss, diabetic patients, people with blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorder, etc.

We also conduct group yoga sessions, personal yoga at home or societies, online yoga therapy via webinars, yoga workshops for large groups.

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