We make brands sneak into the system of the people and make it their favorite before they know it.

Reputation Management

You have to build your brand and its reputation,its all you can count on. and other people to be able to count on it too

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Youtube Promotion

We help brands to generate a buzz and grow online presence with YouTube marketing. We are known for emphasizing a content-driven video marketing campaign for increasing brand exposure to a wider audience.

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Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to the management of pretty much any tangible media that you create and own: written, visual.

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Top rank in search engine will not grant the desired results. the tide has changed, and a new digital era has begun in 2020.

A/V marketing

Audio marketing has come a long way since traditional commercial or radio ads, some of the new ways consists of Podcasts, Audio Ads and more.

Similarly, Video marketing has been making the headlines in the past few years, and for good reason.

Performance marketing

We Majorly believe in performance marketing, where the online/offline marketing results in Sale, lead or click. Unlike other forms of marketing, the client only pays for successful transaction.

Influential marketing

From influencer selection to campaign reporting, we deliver unparalleled results for your influencer marketing initiatives.

Product Branding

We initiate National and International product branding with our expert digital marketing team to make your product spread like wildfire globally on the internet. We believe that the logo and design should reflect the philosophy of the company, thus we create an eye-catching design for your product packaging, container designs and other minute details which will attain great success in the market place.

We handle all the aspects and components of branding your product and can assure you the best results overall.

Celeb Branding

Celebrities and exposure go a long way, we have been in the market for celebrity management over time now and have been able to successfully brand many celebrities to fame. At XQBIC, we manage celeb’s social media, portfolios, and bring out the best brand collaborations for our client celebrity.

Along with our team, we create advertising campaigns and marketing strategies which involve our clients to help promote a product or raise awareness among people.

We arrange and manage brand endorsements and promotions, along with clients traveling and accommodation needs, bookings and schedule etc. Our exclusive range of clients covers actors/actress, singers and dancers, top DJ’s, Sports celebrities, music bands, TV serial stars, models, comedians, struggling artists and more.

Political Branding

Political branding is usually done on a wide scale, it is broader than a product branding. A political branding requires enveloping a feeling, impression, an image the public has towards a politician or a political organization.

You can count on us for marketing and branding your political organization. We can make your political party or candidate change or maintain the reputation amongst the public.

In terms of digital marketing, we will make your political candidate or party a brand on the internet along with the traditional offline marketing such as banners and posters etc.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding in simpler term refers to promoting the brand image of the company rather than the products or the services they sell. We have helped many corporate organizations reach a level of exposure around the globe by promoting their brand.

The advantage of corporate branding is that your organization will have a competitive edge over your rival organization. It will have a greater audience during product launches. We help in brand awareness about the company identifying the people with the brand logo, tagline, color, shades, and all the other elements of the organization.

We also maintain the company’s brand loyalty with existing and future customers. We can help you get a brand ambassador for your company for promoting your products and services.

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