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Cricket Camps

We all know that India is a cricket-obsessed nation, there is an astounding rise in competition and the quote “survival of the fittest” sounds about true in sports industry. XQBIC provides cricket camps in schools and private to find and nurture young talents.

This would encourage the youth of all age groups to participate. We bring in many international cricket celebrity and coaches to our camps and programs to train and educate our students. We manage cricket camps at any venue that benefits you.

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Corporate Cricket Camps And Events

In a corporate world of daily 9 hours routine tends to bring dullness and it becomes difficult to find a venue and time to play their favourite sport. We organise and carry out cricket camps for corporate organizations so that their employees can have a day out knowing more about their colleagues, showcase their talent, get to know each other. Such tournaments and camps bring new dimension and freshness among your employees.

Cricket Celebrity Management

We have bonds with many celebrity cricket stars who will be able to train and educate students at training camps. They can help to promote your brand or product. We carry out cricket camps in different parts of the country along with guide from top cricket stars to accompany with the training schedule.

Cricket Reality Shows

In a cricket-crazy nation, we create and manage cricket reality shows for all you cricket lovers. The gain from cricket reality shows will be finding new young talents, such TV shows and tournaments will bring out the best from the participants.

We create our own cricket TV shows which has various twist in the rules with the winning candidate/team takes away massive rewards

Athletes Training

Our training programs are focussed on improving your health and fitness levels. Whether you train for marathon or other fitness sports, we categorize the program according to your needs.

We offer training programs specific to an individual’s capability, we train enthusiasts for half and full marathons for individuals or groups. We also conduct corporate training and for kids too.

Our Ultimate aim is to train our athletes to compete in Olympics and through them to motivate the society to become more fitness oriented.

e cover all sport athlete trainings such as swimming, badminton, gymnasium, football, squash, running events and many more.


Along with regular football training camps, Xqbic hosts football scholarships In India and Abroad. We have associated rights with FIFA to conduct football camps and tournaments at the highest level.

We have carried out many international training camps in Indian youths from the biggest clubs in Europe.

Some of the highlights of our camps include UEFA/FA licensed coaches from Europe to conduct training sessions, fitness regime, skills and mini-leagues, nutrition and psychology sessions, career counselling etc.

This is your massive opportunity to get exposure in the world of football.

Tennis Camps And Tournaments

Xqbic offers tennis camps around major sporting nations and organise tennis tournaments at the highest level of sport.

We aim to provide to players of all ages and levels a rewarding and enjoyable tennis experience.

Apart from Tennis camps we also conduct Technical clinics, Tennis holidays for members, Tennis for large groups such as schools or colleges and more.

You can become a Tennis coach with our unique tennis coaching diploma course, where at the end of the course, coaches should have the skills and experience to go anywhere in the world and effectively coach a small group of players.

We also host and manage special camps and tournaments for Veterans, Wheelchair/ amputee and others.


Xqbic provides you an opportunity to learn the traditional sport of Kabaddi from the professionals from the ‘pro kabaddi team’ and highly trained coaches from the country.

We have a vision to promote and develop the game of Kabaddi and Physical Education as a global game.

We organise kabaddi training camps and host international kabaddi tournaments


We provide Boxing training camps which focuses on Technical boxing regime, Fitness camps, Fight camps and more.

We also conduct boxing camps for kids and youth, also providing career guidance.

You get more than a personal trainer but a fully invested Boxing Coach. From meal plans to specific technical training we consider all aspects of your development. So, whatever you're fighting for you got a coach in your corner.

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